Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been working on a new dishcloth for a new home: Ours. I have moved in with DBF into his house, and while he has plans for construction, I have plans for home-knits. This was a long time coming: Mostly we hung out at my little place, which I love, since his house had tenants for so long. And I needed reassurance of the emotional and organizational nature. Now I need to make dishcloths and curtains.
And here we have the March sock from the Blue Moon Socks that Rock club: I have one done so far and am working on the second. I began them both as size mediums and switched to smalls after the heel. Toe variation published on their site.
Still also working is the bamboo sweater: Sleeves are in progress, and then I will rip and re-knit the bottom half.
Can you believe it is almost May?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baby Sweaters!

My friend Jenn is having a baby, and her baby shower was yesterday. I made her some Mason-Dixon Baby Kimonos out of machine washable and dryable cotton. 
Pattern: Achingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting. 
Needles: #6 for the green one and #7 for the natural one.
Yarn: Peaches and Creme. The green one took 2.5 balls and the natural one was off a cone. I only had 2 balls of the green, and put that one on hold and began the white one. Last week I was in Kona and hit up the walmart for another ball of green. Luckily they had the yarn, although not in the same dye lot, of course. It didn't seem to matter too much. I sewed ribbons on the green one, but used a green button on the white one. I think the button will be more practical.
A funny thing: I used some yarn to finger-crochet a ribbon for the wrapping paper. People were ooohing and ahhing over the ribbon. Heh. They were super-impressed when she opened the package and there was hand-knits inside! Jenn was working with me when I made this pattern in wool for my College Roommate's baby, and liked it. Now she has her own in Hawaii-appropriate cotton!

And speaking of Green:
The March Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Shipment, which I received at the very end of March, is very green and bright! I will begin it soon, now that the baby shower is over. I love green, and like the Leafling pattern by JC Briar. I assume it is old news to everybody by the time I get it and spoiler warnings are moot: