Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Return to Socks

A Ravelry perusal of my 2009 projects reveal: Not one single sock! Perhaps it was an obsession with the Cromarty, perhaps it was the forced hours of knitting the Rogue Roses sock during a 13 hour stay in the Manilla airport, followed by airplane knitting- But SOMETHING made be be off socks in 2009. The one sock club pattern completed wasn't even a sock: I made it into fingerless gloves!
(Oh wait, I did whip out Holidazed, the Nov 2008 sock, at the beginning of January 2009, but those were so fast, and late 2008, that they hardly count stacked up against the rest of the year!)(DOH: I even proclaim in that Holidazed post how excited I am about the upcoming 2009 club.)
Add to that some guilt, as my membership in the 2009 STR sock club was a Christmas 2008 gift from my dearest...

But no more! The sock drought is over! After the impromptu gift of my knee socks to my mother, I decided I need to just give away all the socks I make, only keeping ones I adore or ones that are deeply flawed... and of course the stuffed sock drawer I already own. They are used, after all. The Following socks are in the Christmas basket.

I give you:
1) The finally-completed Manilla airport Rogue Roses. Completed January 2010!

2) The gorgeous (I may keep these) Raven Swirl Socks, completed February 2010!

3) The on-time completion of the January 2010 STR Club selection Cascadia!

4) One sock of an impending pair of Skew socks, made with STR Garden, a yarn but not the pattern of a 2009 STR club month. (Umm... Not photoed yet.)

And you know what I am making today? Baby Booties! Do they count as socks? What if they are made with leftover sock yarn?

I'm BACK, baby!