Monday, March 22, 2010

The Twisted Socks in Reggae Tomato Colors

I wanted to knit these socks purely because I wanted to know how they were done. The bias is so interesting, the heel so swirly! To tell the truth, after I completed the first sock I felt done: Okay, THAT is how that was done! And I was not inclined to continue.
Que: The Dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!
(Which I had not heretofore felt. Much...)
I felt I needed to press on immediately or risk a single sock and a half-skein forever.

The yarn is STR Lightweight in colorway "Garden"; A summertime evokation of tomatoes and such. It is a little busy, and I thought perhaps showing off the stripes on the bias was better than the pattern that came with the yarn (Rockin' Sock Club).
So I like them. Sort of. The fit is perfect for me, and I hesitate to give them away because they are just so... Tomato colored. Striped. And the pooling is weird. But check out those great swirly heels!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Shower Goodness

The recent three sweaters for two babies have taught me some things:
1) Baby sweaters are wicked cute, especially with cables or lace details.
2) Babies outgrow sweaters faster than you can say... well, anything.
3) Hats: Hats are more practical!
4) Babies outgrow hats faster than you can say how-did-that-huge-head-make-it-past-your-pubic-bone?!?!?!
5) Booties! Booties are practical!

So for my friend's upcoming baby, I made one hat (large) and two pairs booties (small and large), using machine washable cotton for the set. Mama lives here in Hawaii, but upcountry, so booties and hats are useful where perhaps a sweater would not be. Booties are the "Stay-On Baby Booties" pattern, which according to the inner-nets, actually stay on. Purple booties are Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, in the Muddy Autumn Rainbow color, left over from the December 2008 sock club.
The little girl is being welcomed into a family of water people: He is a fisherman and she is a diver, so baby will be surrounded by ocean themed items!