Saturday, December 05, 2009

Remiss Sock Club Packages!

Not only have I been remiss in photographing, blogging, and Ravelry-ing my last two Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club packages, I have also been remiss in knitting them. Instead, I have been stash busting/ Christmas knitting these little iPhone cases. These are numbers 3, 4, and 5 in a series. (Here are #1 and #2 using Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Goody Goody) These used bits of My Blue Heaven and Dragon Dance, I believe.

Next we have the very late view of September 2009 selection of gorgeous River Rocked for use in Cat Bordhi's beautiful Knetted Pattern. I took this photo, then filed and stored and did not cast on. Totally forgot about these, which is odd, since I love Bordhi patterns and this colorway. I must have been busy...

Which is why I pressed myself to add these immediately. Well, after a couple of days. This is perhaps my favorite colorway ALL YEAR, the deep, subtle and varied Blackbird from the Raven collection. So many shades that i just love in this yarn. LOVE! There is green and red and oh so many pretty shades.

Also included was the mini skein. Recent activity on the STR blog has asked if we love these so much to justify the cost. Yes, I like them, and yes, could do without them. I have only used one of them, last year, when I ran just a little shy on the 2nd sock. All the rest of them are hanging from the knitting basket. They look very cute, and I like the immediate visual reference of how the colors look together. Sometimes the skein is a little chunked for a good idea of how the colors will look in the forthcoming sock.
However: I LOVE the mini stitch-saver! I have been looking to purchase a tiny one, but hadn't pulled the trigger. It is like useful jewelry!

Forthcoming socks indeed. This year I have made 1.4 pairs from this delightful club: Queen of Beads, which I made into opera fingerless gloves, NOT socks. Rogue Roses has almost one sock done. I needed a break after the 15 or so hours in a row I worked on these in the hot Manilla airport and part of the ensuing flight. I just couldn't stand to look at them after that.

The truth is: I have a massive sock drawer filled with beautiful hand-knit socks in wonderful painted colorways... and I hardly ever wear socks. Or shoes, for that matter. I need to knit socks and give them away!