Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Knitting Lull and PUPPIES!

In all honesty, my recent lack of knitting has nothing to do with the recent additions to the family pictured here. It is just easier to blame them, because look how cute they are! And no one would reproach me for not knitting, blogging, or even cleaning because look how cute they are! And new puppies are hard work, and I have never been a puppy-mommy before and I am learning fast and perhaps badly... And look how cute they are!
This is Tango and Cassie, about 4 months old Border Collie/ Australian Blue Healer mixes. They need much attention (here they are in the back of the truck ready for a long walk).
In also-cute-news: The summertime heirloom tomato colors of Garden by Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock club, which unfortunately is languishing in the "someday pile" along with the last purplish shipment.
However, I am using up bits of stash, and specifically past Blue Moon Sock Shipment stash, with these very cute iPhone cozies. These are quick and addicting and great to throw down when one must take the puppies out. The one I am using for my phone was from last winter, Muddy Autumn Rainbow (with no pocket or carry loop) and the pastel colors of Goody Goody are for my mother. As soon as she saw this shipment, she said, "Those are my colors!" and I knit the socks up for her. She does not know about this one yet. I hope she doesn't already have a phone holder... Who am I kidding? If she does it shall be immediately replaced with HANDKNITS! I am thinking this little pattern will make nice gifts. So many people I know have iPhones or iPods, and it uses less than 20g of yarn! Oh, and they make me feel accomplished when I am too busy with work (it is summer season at the dive shop) and puppies!