Monday, July 07, 2008

Seattle Stash Enhancement

We went to Seattle for a wedding, and the hotel was conveniently located a block from Weaving Works, a large local yarn store. I went in with a list: Buttons for purple Angelica, wool for cabled bag, something in a sweater's worth quantity. The silk was the only impulse purchase. I got it because it was pretty and felt nice and HAUNTED my brain!

Shopping time was at a premium, so along with the list I went in only twice: Once was a scouting mission where I looked for the yarns on the list, felt everything I could, checked the buttons and didn't buy anything! Trip 2 was on our last night there, and I had about half an hour before the store closed.

The store is offering a 3% discount if you bring your own bag, which I did. I left when the store closed with a tote full of yarn. The funny thing was, I then ran into DBF in the lobby with 3 friends, and we all went out for Pho and beer. With my tote full of yarn. On the way home we ran into the bride, and went with her to a local club with live music and more beer. With my tote full of yarn. It is really funny to get up to go the the bar or restroom and scream over a punk band to a friend, "Hey! Will you watch my YARN?!?"