Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tilted Duster Armpit Repair (and Beverage)

This was how I left the Tilted duster when I gave it a time out months ago: Huge bat wings in the armpits! I thought about ripping out the back and making a smaller back, but it seemed that the extra fabric in the armpits was the only problem: The rest of the back fit fine.
So I ripped out the side seams, and un-seamed the sleeve caps. Then, using hair clips and cotton basting yarn, I clipped up all the extra armpit fabric. The square of the cotton basting thread is a double layer of extra armpit fabric. Next came basting of the new side-seam: Then sewing with the sewing machine: Then, finally: The scissors and the adult beverage: This steeking of the armpits created a smaller arm-hole, and the sleeves no longer fit. I ripped the sleeve cap out until I reached the point where I was still knitting in the round, and added another inch of length (to snug it up into the armpit). I then re-knit the sleeve cap at a more severe angle and seamed it back in. Now I am blocking the sweater, and will work the buttons soon. Maybe someday soon it will be done?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FO: Salish Sea Socks

Finished these just in time to get the new January kit.
I like the wake pattern on the arch, and I like how the pooling happens on the arch but the socks are mostly stripey. Doesn't it look like the pooling makes an arrow from one arch to the other?
Salish Sea Socks by Cat Bordhi
Socks that Rock Rocking Sock Club December 2007selection
Socks that Rock Medium Weight in Bella Coola
Needles: 2.5mm 2 circs (I don't own 2.25mm)
Began: Jan 12 2008, Complete Jan 26th 2008
Changes: I am not sure the foot circumferences listed in the pattern are right. If I went by them, I should have made an extra large. Indeed, I began an extra-large, but ripped it when I could see it was huge. I wear a women's size 8 shoe, but in reality I have about a size 6 extra-wide foot. So I just guessed and started a size small. They work. Other than that: I didn't do any of the wing stitches, I just reduced back until I had 54 stitches again. The arch was big enough in a size small, and I just made the foot super short. Also did another cycle of ankle stitches for a bit higher sock. Mostly because I was knitting at work without the pattern, and also because I knew there would be extra yarn (short foot) and may as well!

Confession: I know I am on a yarn diet and such (besides the 2008 sock club) but I spent some yarn money on the new Cat Bordhi book. Besides the Salish Sea Sock, I have also made the Flow Motion Socks from Vogue Knitting Magazine. While neither of these 2 socks are in the book, they both use an arch expansion technique explored in her book.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Actually Get to Issue a Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

I got the January 2008 Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Sock Kit today in the mail! I am so surprised because I usually get it so much later than everyone else!
I like the colors: Reds and Salmon pink, and I like the pattern, Serendipity, but on first view I wonder if the lace pattern would show better on a single color than on stripey yarn? I also think it looks similar to the Solstice Slip pattern from last summer.

Along with yarn and the pattern, we have Dyer's Notes, the mini skein, a new bumper sticker, and two button pins! Along with a notice for sock camp 2008 and a notice about the new blog.
Yay! Technically I am still on a yarn diet...

Ocean Appropriate

I'm working away at the Salish Sea Socks, and loving the pattern. I find it so appropriate right now, since I am diving alot, even doing a few rows in the dive shop. I love the wake pattern!
Here is another whale shot to share. I took this one of a mama and calf, which swam past the boat:
They are so amazing. The mothers have given birth recently and the baby whales are building strength and practicing skills for the upcoming journey North. We recently saw a new-born whale being pushed up to the surface by it's mama: They must learn to breathe as soon as they are born. Even more impressive are the breaches: Diving co-worker Robyn shot this incredible photo of mama and baby jumping out of the water:

NYE Socks for DBF

Not only was I late in finishing the Christmas socks for my beloved, I am late posting them, as well. I had too many pairs of socks for people to open on Christmas morning, and since these were a surprise that I only worked on when I was home and he was not...
Well, as sorry as I am that he didn't get to open them on Christmas morning, I got them done on New Year's Eve. This made a great addition to my usual New Year's Eve tradition of washing my feet in Champagne (Long Story: Decadence without drinking) since I was able to clothe my sweetie's feet after the bath.

Ironic: These socks were made with Wick by Knit One Crochet Too (he is allergic to wool. I KNOW, right?) which should wick away moisture. Or Champagne. Since this is a ribbonish woven yarn, it made quite a thich and sproingy fabric which is probably supposed to be knit on a larger needle than the 3s I used.
Began Dec 11, complete Dec 31st 2007 from a pattern of my own design based on his preference for short socks with plenty of ankle ribbing to stay on. These are pair #2 for DBF.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Asleep at the Wheel

Well, at least we are getting some use out of it!
I haven't had time to spin recently. Although this morning at the farmers market I was working with J on learning a drop spindle. I can't seem to draft the wool and keep the spindle spinning in the right direction. I think it is easier on a wheel, where your feet can do that work... Unless someone is using the treadles as a pillow!

Friday, January 11, 2008

On a Yarn Diet... Sort of...

So since I quit my full-time job in November of 2007, I vowed to knit from the stash and not buy any more yarn. So far, I am doing pretty well. Christmas socks were all knitted from stash. I did drop $6 at Ace hardware for 4 balls of dishcloth cotton. But that was only six bucks!
Oh, and, um... the 2008 Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club, which just was charged to my credit card this week. But technically I signed up for that and committed the funds before I quit the job.
So besides those...
Self Imposed Yarn Diet it is!

I guess I found a loophole of sorts...
Don't you just love wool?
See, I quit that job that I hated, and through the holidays I have been working steadily at the formerly-part-time Scuba Diving job (and LOVING it, BTW) and consecutive dives on consecutive days during colder winter seas leads to physical exhaustion and lower body core temperature, which in turns leads to impaired immunity and health during the cold and flu season, and my wetsuit is 3 years old and a thin little shadow of it's former warm self. So DBF bought me a new wetsuit.
What is my point?
Check out my new Pinnacle Aquatics Elastiprene Merino 5mm Wetsuit HERE!
Yup: That is right: My new wetsuit is lined with WOOL! (How cool is this?) In a brilliant move familiar with knitters everywhere, Pinnacle decided that wool in the ocean keeps you toasty. According to their website about Merino Wool:
Wool is "exothermic", meaning it actually releases heat when it gets wet. The wool fibers swell with water and actually create a warm, non-compressable (unlike neoprene) layer next to the skin.
The lining is comfortable, fine, warm, and soft. Unlike rubber or neoprene, it feels more like cloth. This also makes it warmer to re-don for the 2nd dive of the day!
Wool is more anti-bacterial than synthetic fibers, which keeps the wetsuit from developing that stinky wetsuit-funk smell.
And Wool is a renewable, natural resource!

So... I'm warmer, I'm less exhausted, and technically my new wool product isn't YARN!

(Photo from Pinnacle Aquatics website)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

So the Christmas knitting mostly got completed:

Socks for Dad, Socks for Mom, Socks for brother... socks for DBF didn't get done until New Year's Eve, but at least they were a surprise. And the surprise for me?
(The old one is indeed dead. While that is sad, I was able to transfer everything. Mostly I was upset due to the inconvienience of not being able to write for work. And reading knit blogs, of course...)
But the reality is: I haven't had time to knit or blog or write, since for about 3 weeks straight I have been doing this:

This is a humpback whale spotted off of the dive boat. I have been diving almost every day since mid-December: Sometimes in the dive shop, but mostly on the boat with tourists and students, and while I am exhausted and neglecting my life, it has been great!
Also, this came in the mail a few days before the end of the year (once again I don't bother with the spoiler warning because I suspect I am the last one to get it anyway):
December 07 Rockin Sock Club shipment (and the last for this year):
Gorgeous. Probably my favorite. And I look forward to another Cat Bordhi sock with an arch increase. Pretty!