Friday, January 14, 2011

Half a Year's Knitting... Pretty Slim!

My favorite hat ever: I thought it was time for a nice slouchy hat, and when the STR arrived (I obviously did not make the club selection with this!) I knew it had to be DBFs. Now, DBF is allergic to wool. I know, I know... but I love him anyway! And he loves subdued, military colors, and this olive drab yarn was so perfect for him. So I plotted! What I needed was an irresistible hat, versatile pattern, in the perfect color. And if all else failed, I would get to wear it around and he would get to look at it? But he loves it! Although he usually wears a cotton kerchief under it because of the wool...

These are two socks I made and gave away! Not even on Christmas! The Purple is a STR color and pattern- but a color and pattern that didn't belong together. Swing Sets out of Pepe La Plume. These went to a friend in trade- She made me an octopus diving hood!
And finally: Knetted by Cat Bordhi in River Rocked. These are a perfect color and size for a friend, and I hand delivered them when I visited her in November.
Not very impressive stash busting between August and December, is it?

Next projects: Tons of baby stuff!