Monday, November 27, 2006

Mindless Ribbing and Hawaiian Sheep!

Mindless Ribbing is all I am up to:
I got the 2 projects both to a point where I could K1 P1 in the round rather mindlessly while de-stressing from all the activity I have going on this month. The cumberbund on the Kyoto is almost re-knit, and useless glove #2 is growing in length.
I briefly considered knitted Christmas gifts, but I would have to be crazy.

But to focus on someone else's stress and fiber projects:
Jan has sheared her sheep! She is working on cleaning and carding all the fleeces (which I have offered assistance with...after December 15th). She has also confessed the joy of spinning the wool from her very own sheep!
Yes, dear friends: Hawaiian wool yarn is on the horizon!
In the meantime, she is hand needle-felting the courser Ram's wool into wee cutey sheep dolls and ornaments which she will sell at Craft fairs and a few gift shops around the island. Photos and info soon!

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Can't wait to see that flock of sheep!