Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Finished Dishcloth

I completed another dishcloth (matches the one I did before) only added a loop so it could hang from the cabinet...I know! Such exciting knitting to report! Heh.
Some comments heard while knitting a dishcloth:
Them: "That is pretty, what is it?"
Me: "A Dishcloth. Or a handtowel. It matches my kitchen."
Them: ...
Them: "But it is too pretty to wipe dishes or hands on!"
Them: "And you could buy those so cheap at Walmart!"
Them: "Like $3 for a three-pack!"
Them: "It seems like so much labor for something you are just gonna mess up!"
Them: "If it were in my kitchen, I would get it all stained in two seconds!"
Them: "Shouldn't you use your skills to make baby booties or something? How old are you now?"
Them: "What happens when it gets all stained? Will it wash out? Is that cotton?"
Me: "Um...well...I mean..."
Me: "I made my mom some dishcloths. They tighten up in the dryer and get all soft and thick, and she really likes them..."
Them: "But...But...What do you do when they get all messed up?"
Me: ...
Me: "Well, I guess that is their job, isn't it?"

Does anyone have a more clever response? I need some ammo, here!


keohinani said...

tell them it's made out of dishcloth cotton. it's an original - a dishcloth not to be found anywhere else. and it makes a good gift - much more thoughtful than anything store bought.

the joy is in knowing someone is using what you made because it is an everyday thing that is meant to be used. the best kind of gift is one of practicality; it will be more appreciated than something given out of frivolity. albeit the dishcloth cotton is cheap, but the effort and thought that goes into knitting it up increases its worth.

you like knitting. knitting a replacement dishcloth gives you purposeful knitting as well as appeals to you because you get to do something you like to fulfill another's need. nothing lasts forever. and you are giving something of quality.

you could also compare a dishcloth to clothes. why pay lots of money for clothes when you only use them to cover your body? what do you do with clothes when they get dirty? why buy more new clothes when you could mend them yourselves? what does age have to do with hobby? (nothing.) why should one use her hobby to make stereotypical things? (she shouldn't have to; that's where creativity comes in.) what good is something if all you do is look at it? (this does NOT in any way apply to stash.)

that enough?

Kel said...

You sooo Rock! I need to print that out and attach it to my dishcloth-KIP-needles for the next time I am quizzed! Thanks so much!

HawaiianGirl said...

You could tell them it's cheaper than therapy!