Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!
And, just in time to show off it's good-luck red and firey dragon dance lace: A Finished Object!
Pattern: Serendipity by Adrienne Fong (Blue Moon STR club January 2008 Pattern)
Yarn: STR Lightweight in Colorway: Dragon Dance (STR club selection yarn) I used 87 grams from the 128 gram ball.
Size: Small
Needles: 2 circs: knitpicks 2.5mm (I don't have the 2.25mm needles called for in the pattern)
Began: 1/30/08
Complete: 2/4/08 Perhaps the fastest I have knit a STR club sock pair!
Modifications: Hmmm. Were there none? Oh: I only did one round knit instead of 2 right before the toe: I was thinking the toe would be too long, but it was fine. Not much of a modification at all!
Thoughts: I started off wondering if I would like the striping with the lace, but with the designer's urging to try it, I did. Now I like it, although I have been back and forth about it. But then I thought: The STR colors are so great, and they almost all will stripe or pool, and although I am sure the yarn would look gorgeous in a plain stockinette sock, who wants to knit socks like that? Especially in a sock club. We would all be complaining that the patterns were boring, wouldn't we? So now I like it. I also like how the colors combine to be more orange and brown, when the skein looked red and salmon pink. The deep heel, which has been of some concern on the blog, is actually quite nice: I didn't think I would fit a sock with no gusset increases (big ol' fat arches) but the deep heel compensates. So from being initially ambivalent, I am now thinking that I will wear this sock quite alot: It is lightweight and pretty, and was fast to knit and dry. After all, of all the club socks from last year, I wear the red ones the most (Solstice Slip)!

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adrienne said...

gung hay fat choy!

i am so glad that you are happy that i "MADE" you knit the sock "my way".

they came out lovely!