Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THIS is What I Am Up To With These Gloves!

I LOVE this! I am done with one fingerless glove and just started on the second, but couldn't wait to share!
Those of you making the socks will recognize that I began with a few rows of ribbing around the knuckes to "grow" into the beaded cross pattern...
...And then grew the cuff ribbing out of the pattern as well! Plenty beads: I divided them up into two little bags and strung half on half the yarn. I had enough leftover to string them all around the ribbing on the cuff. Enough yarn leftover, too: For those doing full fingered gloves to the elbow length, you shouldn't have a problem. I did this pattern in the small size? 50 stitches after the fingers were all joined were increased to 60 stitches around the knuckles, and reduced to 54 stitches for the beaded pattern. Used #2 needles, predominately, with size #3s for the cuffs.

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