Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Babies! In Knitwear!

Baby sweaters! When presenting a baby sweater at a friend's shower, one of the other guests remarked, "You don't have children, to have free time to do that, right?" True.
Three friends had babies this summer, and I made 3 sweaters... Only I didn't know about one baby so these 3 sweaters were made for 2 of the babies, but there you go.
I also read on Ravelry recently that the best baby gifts in knitwear are booties and hats, since they are quick, often worn, and last a long time. Sweaters are not recommended because they are warm, a certain size that does not grow with the baby, hard to make and hard for the mom to handwash and lay flat to dry. Whatever. These babies are loved and will be wrapped in handknits!
The brown and the pale blue are both the cabled Baby Yours by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The green in a Peapod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert. All are cashmere, mohair, silk and generally luscious yarns.

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Kim said...

Gorgeous sweaters! It is true that babies don't spend a lot of time wearing sweaters, but as the gift giver you choose what you want to make. Any mom will appreciate the love you put into making the sweater.