Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very Pretty Socks of Summer

Beet Toe and Heel!
I am loving these "Beet Greens" pattern! This is My <3 Beets 4u, the July 2010 pattern. I loved the Beet on the heel so much that I repeated it on the toe... I thought the beet greens just petering out on the toe looked lonely!

Steam Punk Socks!
Ada Lovelace by Star Athena in the very subtle Sweet Pea colorway. This was the May 2010 RSC pattern. I love this sock, but the colorway is too subtle. With the red dirt stains we get on white socks in Hawaii, it already looks stained. DBF said, "Is it dirty already?!?! It looks like my workboot socks". I am sure he didn't mean the lace and cuff and eyelets... right? I made this with the gap in the cuff for folding up or down. It makes a good tattoo peek.

Colorado Alpaca!
My very dear friend and now-Colorado-resident sent me a care package including some local yarn! It is very delicate and I am thinking of a twisted stitch aran cable hat maybe?

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Neuroknitter said...

I love what you did to the toe on the beet socks!! Awesome mod!! :)

Your Ada Lovelace socks are lovely, too!!