Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bereft...Lacking...And tense about it

Nothing on the needles.
You heard me.
Remember when I decided to have more than one project going at a time to avoid this horrid, empty, lack-of-knitting feeling? I just finished the BF socks, and last night I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank. Although it is desperate for blocking and therefore not done, it still qualifies as a finished object: Knitting is complete and ends are woven in. All it needs as a wash and a lay-flat...With perhaps some steam iron manipulation.
In the basket I have several ziplocks and patterns awaiting me:
* 2 skeins of beautiful variegated sock yarns which cry out for lace socks or chevron patterns.
* A bag of gorgeous celedon silks and mohairs which I have envisioned, yet not yet swatched, as fingerless gloves.
* A bag of black cotton for my dear friend's Kyoto sweater that I have been procrastinating from.
* The Interweave Knits opened to the Icarus shawl, and not quite enough Rowan haze to complete it.

I am thinking I should start all four of these projects. Obviously, two projects at once is not enough to fend off the finished-object-blues. I see my error: I was too excited to finish both of the projects. I completed the socks in a flurry of excitement to get them on the feet of my beloved. Left with only the stockinette top of the tank and a bunch of Netflix, I quickly slid that one into home as well.
The above projects offer enough variation in difficulty, materials, portability and pattern to offer enough distraction for a bit, and even if I rush through two of them, I will still have two more!
Is UFO-guilt better than empty-needle-blues?
Is this how people end up with a closet full of UFO's? As emotional insurance?


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

There's nothing wrong w/taking a break. Better to recharge your knitting batteries than to burn them out completely.

Looking forward to when you post a pic of your LBT. And let me know when you start your friend's Kyoto. Maybe I'll start mine at the same time to get me motivated.

Kel said...

No! Can't take a break! Can't take a break!
I didn't see your comment until today, but started the Kyoto on Wednesday night...sorry! I will hop over to your blog and let you know there... Still haven't blocked the LBT but planning on Saturday as laundry day.