Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thank Goodness For Ziplocks!

While awake late at night, I organized the stash. Current system? Fiber content. Tool? Ziplock bags. The idea was to get the yarn out of my living space and into my closet, except for a few ziplocks for current projects and pettables.
Speaking of current project, BF's socks are coming along nicely, with enough heel and calf left for a bit of knitting in public tomorrow! (World Wide Knit in Public Day!)
Besides wrapping my BF in knitted love, these socks are also an experiment in comparative technique: You may have noticed that in the beginning photo, the circulars seemed to be gaining. But in this photo, the bamboos have completed their sock while the circulars are lagging. This is probably more about comfort and speed, as I am used to the bamboos. However, I find the circulars fast, neat, easy to transport, and more likely to yield a tighter gauge. Jury still out on this.

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