Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I had a fight with Dearest BF the other day and buried it in retail therapy. I bought the sockyarn in the back and some unpictured small-sized circular needles. And Yes! Those are the sweetest knitting bags ever! Very professional/luggage looking, spatious, organized yarn project bags! Yay! My little anal-retentive organizational side just loves these enough to forget about the fight with whats-his-name.
Am I burying my relationship issues in knitting and knitting accessories? Will such habits make me even more of a reclusive scary cat lady?
At least I will be a lonely crazy bag lady with great bags?

Big black one in the corner is not included in the set: That's the cat. You can't have him.


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Sorry about your bf issue, hope it works out. In any case, nice set! I just bought the Options needle set so the bags are next on my list. Next month though. :P

Is that the new Essential tweed sock yarn you got? Or regular Essential? Let us know what you think of them.

Opal said...

I bought the bags too. They are fabulous! Retail therapy rocks. :-)

Phyllis said...

I bought the bags also and I just love them. They were so wonderful while taking a bus ride to Chicago in August with my girls high school marching band. It's so nice to know that Retail therapy is alive and well all over the US and abroad. :>)