Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Too Much Work

I am at a place where it is all seeming like too much work. That big black blob is the mis-sized Kyoto that I need to do some math on and then rip out. I want to figure out if the inch or so of top section is the right size, and then maybe only rip the bottom out?
That green bit is one almost-finished glove. I want to find a very loose and stretchy bind off, and may need to rip it back a bit for enough yarn. I hate the little lace bit on the back of the hand. I need to start the second glove before I forget what I did, but here is the problem:
I have said before that, even if I know how to fix a problem, don't just fix the second sock, because I am still left with an unmatched pair. So do I repeat the little lace bit that I hate? Or do I trust that I will embroider over it? Or turn it around and make it the palm?
The third bit is swatching for my Assasin sock of doom for the upcoming Sock Wars! Yay! It is Rowan Kid Classic, which I think technically is not DK weight but maybe Aran weight? I got gaugue with size 3 instead of 5s.
Not pictured is the Bayerische sock from Eunny Jang, which I just began, having never done twisted cables, or cables of any nature, or socks on a size 0 needle. Am I in over my head?

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Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I think I read this on a sock thread on the knitty board, but how about EZ's sewn bind off for a stretchy bind off? See link here:


Good luck on whatever you decide on the lace section.

I'd like to see your progress on the Bayerische socks, I printed out a copy and gave it to my sock knitting friend instead.