Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kyoto is Loved!

My friend called me last night to report that UPS had brought her the Kyoto sweater, and it fits (could stretch a bit longer at the waist, though) perfectly in the waist and bust and the sleeves fall right at the break in the wrist! It is soft and pretty and perfect for the bit of cold they are having right now. She joked with me about how I would be done in time for a thick sweater in the Summer heat, but I think it is light enough to wear into Spring.
It feels great to have made something nice for her, something she likes and will wear. Makes all the struggles and frogs worth it!
Project: Kyoto Sweater from Knitty (my second time)
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Black (I find six ballbands?)
Needles: Denise circulars in size 10 to acheive guage. Knit a size small.
Began: June 28, 2006
Finished: March 18, 2007
Lesson: I like to avoid finishing, and altered the pattern, for the second time, to do most of the work in the round or otherwise in a connected piece. Swatched, made perfect-to-guage sleeves, and had a complete meltdown when knitting the Obi. Ripped out the Obi twice, then had similar problems in reducing the body. Learned that saving myself a little time can often create bigger problems later. Also that guage in stockinette has no bearing in other stitch patterns! (I fear I shall continue to re-learn these lessons over and over.)

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