Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Spinning Wheel!

This is it: It arrived from Oregon unbroken several weeks after the Black Sheep Gathering. I think it is very modern and beautiful (and goes with my ScanDesign Furniture... Am I a little too happy about that?)
I love this photo: That halo around the wheel isn't actually there: It is a reflection of daylight on the floor. And yes, that is the cat's butt in the distance...
Louet S-10 from Woodland Woolworks in Oregon.
Double Treadle: Although apparently not a "true" double treadle since both treads attach to the same drive.
Upright: And a modern design.
Flyer Lead: Which I think means that the bobbin is connected to the wheel, and the brake band stops the flyer, allowing the yarn to be wound onto the still-turning bobbin. (I think it is more common for the brake to be on the bobbin, allowing the flyer to continue to wind the yarn onto a stopped bobbin? Anyone?)
Came with 3 bobbins and the lazy-kate attachment on the foot. Woodland Woolworks sent me a package with oil and some fiber, as well. I had purchased a hook, since it didn't come with one.
Some assembly: DBF helped me put it together. He jumped right in (male-style) and then had to back up and take some of it apart to make it go together correctly. I grabbed the directions (female-style) and started reading about A part into B part and count all the C parts. Then DBF adjusted the wheel very carefully so it runs smoothly and perfectly aligned!

It is very pretty.

I have even done some spinning of my friend's Romney fleece. (Can you see it on the bobbin?). While I am managing a finer yarn than my first flubby efforts, it is still overspun, uneven, and hard.

Stay tuned!

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Oh, how exciting!