Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last night we got our small knitting group together (can we get a lil applause for teaching 2 of the SigOs to knit?) for some snacks and some projects.
J noted that knitting is actually a logical, linear, binary code. Knit and Purl being the binary. DBF said, "So I'm not doing a girly craft, I am CODING!"
I still maintain that a Purl stitich is actually a reversed Knit, and therefore I revert back to my original theory that Everything is One, One is Everything. (Zero being not the mirror, but the lack of knitting, which we don't like!)
(I don't have a bunch of stashed yarn: I have but ONE stash!)

That is enough foolishness!
On the Needles: 2nd Lenore is about an inch away from some heel turning. Yay!
Christmas Projects: You think I should start on these?
Laptop: Still broken, so no photos. Sorry!


tapmouse said...

I LIKE the way you think! Especially about the stash!

So you should have a pair of Lenores soon, too, huh? We'll be waiting...!

And about those gifties? Um...yeah, get going, Girl! Just don't make the goals too lofty! I spent all my money on yarn, so I have to force myself to make at least: a potholder (hey-my friend requested it!), a calorimetry, a pair of socks (sport weight, thank God!), felted slippers and 2 felted purses. Wish me luck!

JS said...

It's not really foolish at all, as computer punchcards were invented by this guy. Hey, it's weaving, but close enough.