Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slogging Towards Christmas

In the works are a few pairs of Christmas socks (I only have one pair done so far. Goal: 4 pairs. Think I will make it?)
The death of the beloved laptop continues to plague my addiction to yarn blogs. I can't take photos of my yarn, can't blog, can't hang out in Ravelry.
It makes me glum.
So after all the Christmas shopping is over then we shall see how much is in the bank account for a new computer, which I actually need for one of my remaining two jobs. What? You thought I only used the laptop for yarn related activities? (Heh: You wouldn't be wrong!)

Happy Holiday season to all y'all taking a break from your Christmas knitting to surf the yarn blogs. Oh how I envy you!


Acornbud said...

I feel your aargh! Hope santa comes through for you:) Happy Holidays!

Theresa said...

Good luck with the computer. Sorry you're missing out on the blogland holiday festivities!

jody said...

so sorry to hear your sad computer news :(-at least it gives you more time to knit, right??? have a great christmas!! :)