Monday, March 22, 2010

The Twisted Socks in Reggae Tomato Colors

I wanted to knit these socks purely because I wanted to know how they were done. The bias is so interesting, the heel so swirly! To tell the truth, after I completed the first sock I felt done: Okay, THAT is how that was done! And I was not inclined to continue.
Que: The Dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!
(Which I had not heretofore felt. Much...)
I felt I needed to press on immediately or risk a single sock and a half-skein forever.

The yarn is STR Lightweight in colorway "Garden"; A summertime evokation of tomatoes and such. It is a little busy, and I thought perhaps showing off the stripes on the bias was better than the pattern that came with the yarn (Rockin' Sock Club).
So I like them. Sort of. The fit is perfect for me, and I hesitate to give them away because they are just so... Tomato colored. Striped. And the pooling is weird. But check out those great swirly heels!

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Acornbud said...

Love the swirls.