Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blue Moon Sock Club DENIED!

Sometimes I just don't get the banks.
Got this email from Blue Moon re: Socks that Rock Club:
The sign-up for the Rockin' Sock Club 2007 has been a resounding success.
So much so that our bank thinks we are running some type of elaborate yarn scam
and is refusing to accept our members' money! So, you know what they are doing?
You are not going to believe this. They are sending all of that money back!
Unbelievable and astounding!
What? They don't believe that a huge amount of knitters might joyfully spend wads of cash on pretty sock yarn? What universe are they in? Who actually refuses to take money?!?! As Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says:
They decided that it was not possible that this many people could be this interested in sock yarn (I know...I know) and that therefore, considering the complete impossibility of this being a legitimate business concept (can't you hear them? "This many people just can't want sock yarn!") that Blue Moon must be running a SCAM, and (holy moths I can scarcely type it) Shut. It. Down.
She also raises an interesting point that perhaps a bank would never try this with a business run by men.
Oddly enough, when I received my Blue Moon email, I was in the middle of this article in the New York Times. Apparently the US has shut down all dealings in dollars through the Iranian Bank Seppah, after finding out that the bank was laundering money for smuggled nuclear weapons. However, most transactions occurred in Rome with Euros, and the US is having a bit of trouble shutting it down.
It is unbelievable to me that it apparently is easier to purchase black market weapons than pretty balls of sock yarn.

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