Sunday, January 07, 2007

Slogging Through

I have two projects on the needles:
The Kyoto sweater is so close to being done! I am just slogging through the miles of stockinette on the back.
The useless gloves are almost done, too: I need to rip out and redo the back of the hand since I hate the lacy bit.
The zippered pouch for my friend is knit, but needs the lining and zipper installed, and I haven't felt like sewing at all.

So of course I'm drooling over projects I would rather be doing. It seems the new year should bring new projects and new challenges. I have a bag of Rowan awaiting the beautiful Alice Starmore Cromarty sweater, which will be a challenge and a learning experience and fun with Aran cables! (Anyone else think maybe I'm stupid for choosing an Alice Starmore for my first cabled sweater? Just asking...) And I have pretty new Lorna's Laces sock yarns that would make pretty new lacy or cabley socks. But better get these last projects done and move into the new year with a clean slate, yes?

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