Friday, April 27, 2007

April Sock Club Yummyness!

Spoiler Alert!
I received my April Socks That Rock in the mail yesterday! I was so surprised because I just assume that everything will take longer to get to Hawaii! It is beautiful: Soft and vibrant and silky. "Walk on the Wild Tide" Merino and silk. The inside of my ballband reads "Black-Tang". I can't wait!
However, since I still have yet to begin my February Monsoon Inside Out socks, maybe these will have to wait.
In the meantime: I scoured the stash and the store for Maroon and Orange yarn for the Hokie blanket squares, and was dissapointed in the selection. I hope I can make quite a few. Just feels right.
And on the needles are the bamboo socks for DBF, almost done. In fact, I should get to work because I have quite a list of knit-wants building!


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Yay! You got yours not too far behind us mainlanders!

I too am surprised I don't have at least a maroon color in my stash (bad Spartan alumni! Bad!), but there's a lys that's closing so I hope to scrounge up a skein of maroon & burnt orange for the Hokies.

kris said...

you'll like the pattern too, since it's a lacy one and good for hawaii knitters. actually though, i can't imagine wearing socks AT ALL in hawaii, even in winter. i give you credit! oooooohhhhh, spam musubi, how i envy you.

Kel said...

Oh: I live at a high elevation, and I indeed wear socks almost every day! Hardly ever wear wool sweaters, though. And I love the spam musubi!Mmmmmmm!