Monday, April 23, 2007

New Knitter! New Projects!

Yep: Haven't had the heart to frog the Cromarty, so started new projects instead!

My fabulous BF requested I teach him how to knit! Yay! He picked it right up with grace and finished his first finished object in less than one day: A Ben & Jerry's ice cream pint cozy in camo red heart acrylic. It fits like a dream! He did a knitted cast on, knit stitch (continental), purl, knit in the back for a twisted rib, knit-2-together, plastic circs vs. bamboo straights, and basics of guage and design elements! He joked that he would be onto a cabled sweater by the end of the day! (Hmmm...Maybe I will make him figure out the panel reductions and yarn usage for the Cromarty Version 2.0...) Indeed, after the cozy was complete, he immediately began project #2: A Marsan Watch Cap in the same yarn. I feel flattered and loved that he went this far, so fast and so well, in order to understand knitting and what it means to me. And how cozy is it to spend a Sunday afternoon on the couch with a stack of DVD's, a pizza, and a couple of knitting projects?

Which brings me to: My project: Simple knitted socks for afore-mentioned fabulous BF in varigated bamboo sock yarn, knit to his specifications (short, no wool) and fitted to his feet. I am just doing my usual figure 8 cast on for a toe-up and short row heel. I'm really proud of the fit. I am used to knitting for my own feet, and I am really enjoying making perfectly fitted socks. I think a childhood full of altering the pointe shoes to my specifications has made me picky about socks and shoes, and made me appreciate the beautifully fit sock. He loves it! (I have only finished one. He wore the one sock around the house all evening.)

And in the Queue: My fellow Firefly-loving friend has requested I make him a Jayne hat. I found this fabulous kit, and hope to crack this one out pretty fast! A cunning fit indeed!

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Theresa said...

I keep trying to convince my fiance, but to no avail. Do let us know how it goes!