Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Real Live Wool- Still on the Sheep!

This is Gardenia, a baby Romney Sheep owned by my friend Jan. After a tough start she is still being bottle-fed (That isn't beer. I know it looks like beer but it really isn't beer. Although large beer bottles with nipple attachments would probably sell really well to a certain type of guy...)
Our little knitting group met at Jan's house for a field trip to visit her sheep.
This second photo shows the flock of Romney sheep. These are the ewes and kids. Aren't they out-standing in their field? (Har-Har: I am so easily amused.)
Unfortunately I will be off-island during their shearing this year. However, I will be taking a shearing class at the end of June and will hopefully be able to help next time. Can't you just see me wrestling one of these guys down and stealing their fleece? (And washing, drying, carding...)
Near Future Purchase: Spinning Wheel.
Anyone have any advice for a first-time spinning wheel purchase?


Opal said...

The only real advice I have for buying a spinning wheel is to try before you buy. And then try it again. And again. :-)

Wendi said...

There's sheep! Here in Hawaii! Being sheared! OOOOO! What happens to the wool?