Saturday, January 26, 2008

NYE Socks for DBF

Not only was I late in finishing the Christmas socks for my beloved, I am late posting them, as well. I had too many pairs of socks for people to open on Christmas morning, and since these were a surprise that I only worked on when I was home and he was not...
Well, as sorry as I am that he didn't get to open them on Christmas morning, I got them done on New Year's Eve. This made a great addition to my usual New Year's Eve tradition of washing my feet in Champagne (Long Story: Decadence without drinking) since I was able to clothe my sweetie's feet after the bath.

Ironic: These socks were made with Wick by Knit One Crochet Too (he is allergic to wool. I KNOW, right?) which should wick away moisture. Or Champagne. Since this is a ribbonish woven yarn, it made quite a thich and sproingy fabric which is probably supposed to be knit on a larger needle than the 3s I used.
Began Dec 11, complete Dec 31st 2007 from a pattern of my own design based on his preference for short socks with plenty of ankle ribbing to stay on. These are pair #2 for DBF.

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