Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ocean Appropriate

I'm working away at the Salish Sea Socks, and loving the pattern. I find it so appropriate right now, since I am diving alot, even doing a few rows in the dive shop. I love the wake pattern!
Here is another whale shot to share. I took this one of a mama and calf, which swam past the boat:
They are so amazing. The mothers have given birth recently and the baby whales are building strength and practicing skills for the upcoming journey North. We recently saw a new-born whale being pushed up to the surface by it's mama: They must learn to breathe as soon as they are born. Even more impressive are the breaches: Diving co-worker Robyn shot this incredible photo of mama and baby jumping out of the water:

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Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Nice progress on the Salish Sea! I love the yarn color & pattern but alas, it's been getting short shrift.

Love those humpback pics! They are incredible animals. When I was a kid, my family & I saw a rare occurence of a mother humpback teaching her calf to breach right off of Hanauma Bay. I think the location was apparently unusual from what I could gather from what the adults around us were saying.