Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dr. Who Would Have Known Better...

I was organizing my patterns the other day and came across the pattern for my second project ever: The official BBC pattern for the Dr.Who scarf. I made this pattern for a dear friend and longtime Dr. Who fan, and then I used the leftover Red Heart Acrylic (hey, I was new to fibers!) yarn to make a non-official, inspired-by version for myself (in the photo: left). The long, fringed, multi-striped scarf is perhaps the most recognized piece of television knitting (until, perhaps, the dawn of the Harry Potter scarf), and I remember being so excited to find the pattern online.
At the time, I happily grabbed my mother's old aluminum number 10 straight needles and the acrylic yarn bought at Ace hardware, and I knit away for days and days, yeilding a huge scarf. I knew the scarves worn on the TV show were oversized, and when mine measured about 2 feet across by about 20 feet long, I didn't think much of it. I just put it in a large box and mailed it off to my friend, who folded it lengthwise and has been wearing it ever since.

But recently, after a little more knitting experience under my belt, I thought, "Wouldn't the Official BBC knitting pattern be written with UK-sized needles? And if I interpreted that as American-sized needles, wouldn't my knitting be...huge?"
I can't find the website for the original pattern I used, and all the patterns I can Google now seem to have both the UK and US sized needles listed. Well, we live and learn! Luckily, my very handsome friend looks stunning in his huge scarf, and he is dramatic enough to pull it off!
A guy who has loads of cool info about the scarves. Another fan with way too much detail about the scarves.


Annie said...

Nice Dr Who scarf

knittingnanna said...

I gotta make this for my hubby he is a huge Doctor Who Fan