Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trailing by a Tomato

I finished up the last Tomato Hat for the WIC programs, and sent three hats each via UPS with the following letter:
Dear WIC Program Specialists,

Enclosed please find three cotton baby hats in various fruit shapes for your very wonderful WIC nutrition programs.
My mother demanded that I knit these hats, saying, “You owe these ladies, and now it’s payback time!” My mother was appalled at the misinformation about breastfeeding that existed when she had by brother in the late 1960’s. Her doctors told her that Asian women’s breasts were too small to nurse! She knew this was preposterous, and by the time my sister and I were born in the 1970’s, she had found out all she could and even become a La Leche League leader. She says we all are healthy, beautiful, smart, and allergy-free and she credits it all to breastfeeding.
Times have changed, but you are still battling misinformation, and struggling to reach the women and babies who need you the most. I wish I could do more than knit a few silly baby hats. Please know that I admire the work that you do, and these hats are a tiny symbol of gratitude for you and others like you, and the work that you all do.

With Thanks and Aloha,


Ilene said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your hats. They are so beautiful and colorful online. I've received 110 hats as of yesterday, each one is unique. I will be creating a blog and putting up some pictures of everyones hard work. Again much thanks and the mom's and babies thank you too!
Ilene (LLL Leader and IBCLC as well as avid knitter)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

OMG! Look how many Jeanne (the Richmond, CA WIC office) got:


So nice to know the hats go to a good cause.