Friday, July 21, 2006

Work In "Frog"ress...

Two Kyoto sleeves, a bit of Icarus shawl, two and a half hats, and a hat-to-be-ripped.
Since the hats are due at the end of the month, I think they will draw my focus...And they make such good car knitting!
That damned purple chenille: I started to patiently undo the cast-on edge while stopped in traffic, and ended up with a worn-out but still holding tight little knot, and a car full of little chenille fuzzies. I put it away until our Wednesday night knitting workshop, where I tried again over a trash can. Eventually I just cut off the green leaves on the top, worked all the remaining purple out of them, and eventually grafted them onto another (orange cotton, thank-yew-ver-much!) hat. The body of the purple chenille hat? After a few minutes of attempting to frog it out, with the good intentions of saving the yarn for further, non-knitting use, I threw the damn thing in the trash! How liberating! How Final! Yes, we were all choking on airborne purple fuzzies, I had not cut the top neatly or evenly, and all I was getting were irritating little unusable bits, and, quite frankly, what non-knitting use would I have for this small amount of purple chenille? I mean, I still have the whole damn roll, I don't crochet, and probably shouldn't learn on such an irritating piece of...Ahem...Anyone want it?

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