Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fruit Heads

Must...Finish...Fruity...Baby Hats!
Due to the mail time from Hawai'i (ok, I plan on sending these Monday via UPS) to Massachusetts and California, I figure I must get the baby fruit hats for the WIC programs done this weekend: Finished, washed, dried, packed up and addressed.
These projects have been fun! They are portable, made from inexpensive hardware-store-cotton, for a good cause, and so cute! Of course, people worry about me that I seem to be obsessively knitting baby clothes... (no worries: Am happy to be giving these away for other people's babies!)
They have also been excellent distraction from both driving, other knitted projects (Kyoto, Icarus), and some very important writing which needs to be done this weekend for a deadline next Thursday...oops!


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Those are so cute! I belately realized that if I want to make a Pea Pod hat in time, I need to get going ASAP as it will take USPS a day to deliver my hat.

Olive said...

I love these hats! Is there a pattern for these somewhere out there? Is the program always accepting donations or only at certain times?

Kel said...

Thanks! Olive: The patterns were all linked to on Yarn Harlot:

And I think this WIC donation was a one-time deal. I know I had so much fun with these: People have suggested that if I continue to knit baby hats while stopped in traffic, I could donate them to my local hospital's maternity wards.