Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Down...

I completed my first Bayerische sock this weekend, and to avoid Second-Sock-Syndrome I began the Second Sock immediately. I am loving this pattern. Some things I am learning:
  • Cables. I have made one cable in a test swatch once. So this is my first foray into cables, before I begin the Aran sweater.
  • Cable-needleless cables. Does anyone else get nervous dropping stitches?
  • First time on tiny tiny number 0 needles. I am using the two-circulars method, which I like (but have done before. On larger needles).
  • First use of Knitpicks yarn. I like it, and it is affordable. The colors don't match very well on my monitor, but these are a pretty coral orange color, and if I like the yarn it's pretty affordable!
  • I am such a tight knitter. I am attempting loosening techniques on the areas where my knitting is binding. Cast-on, set-up rows, heel flaps. The good thing about being so tight is that the edge of a cable is missing those gaps that can sometimes occur.
  • My feet are smaller than I think they are. I am trying to get to that perfect size where a little stretch keeps them tight on the foot. Negative ease for the feet, in a way.

I'm hoping I have time to finish this sock. I should be studying and writing and working. And now with no TV to "listen" to while knitting... Well, maybe the second sock will go faster now that I am more familiar with the pattern.

Been tagged with a MEME by Stilaholic Nartian Knits and have answered on the non-knitting blog (Is there such a thing as a non-knitting blog?). Fun! I love quizzes!

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Bronwyn said...

KnitPicks sock yarns are my absolute favorites. They're the ones I buy tons of and keep just sitting in my yarn box to have when I feel like knitting socks (all the time)