Sunday, October 01, 2006

Week One: Sock Wars Debrief

Assasin ? (In Australia) Status: Unknown
Assasin Kat: Still alive. Has sucessfully assasinated Katskratch.
Assasin Katskratch. Dead. Has mailed off socks to me.
Assasin Kel: Me! Still alive, but my death is imminent, as my socks are on the way carried by the loyal agents of the United States Postal Service. I have sucessfully killed Kelli.
Assasin Kelli: Dead. Sucessfully killed Kelly.
Assasin Kelly: Dead. Sucessfully killed target.
Assasin ? Dead: Sucessfully killed Kerry.
Assasin Kerry: Dead. Has sucessfully completed socks of doom but has not yet mailed them to her target.
Kerry's Target: Status Unknown, but weapon is complete and death is imminent.

Theoretically the unfinished socks down the line somewhere must travel back through us all to the one still alive (and we are of course attempting to save postage by skipping the partial socks right to the live assasin!)
This is so wild I just can't get over it!

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Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Heh, I had to re-read the Sock Wars rules to get it straight. How fun! My condolences on your eminent sock "death." :P

Now that I know how to knit socks, I'll have to try it if Yarn Monkey does it again.