Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finished! Flow Motion Socks

Began: Technically 10/17/07 (But that was after 2 false starts: One on a standard sock and once on this pattern.)
Complete: 10/27/07
Pattern: Flow Motion Socks. Cat Bordhi. Vogue Knitting Magazine Fall 2006. Pattern # 11. Errata on Cat Bordhi's site includes figure-8 cast on instead of provisional cast-on listed in magazine, along with more details on the sizing.
Yarn: SWTC Tofutsie Sock Yarn, 2 strands held together. Probably only like half of one skein, since I probably have enough left over for another pair of standard socks. Pink. This yarn is mostly wool with other fibers mixed in: Most noteable Chitlin, made from shrimp and crab shells. It is very soft. (Do you think it will turn red if boiled? hehehe!)
Needles: Clover Bamboo DPN. I started these on a US 3 3.25mm for an 8 stitch figur-8 cast on, then changed to a US4 3.5mm after I had 12 stitches on each needle. This was originally a mistake. After knitting a few rows I decided #3s were too small, and being too lazy to rip out, I just noted it and switched to a larger needle. I copied the mistake on the 2nd sock. Now that I look at it: I think it's a good mistake. You know how you always have to go back and tighten the stitches on a figure-8 cast on? Not so with smaller needles. Heh.
Needle Note: I had began a sock using #2s, and ripped them out for being too big. I then followed the pattern and used a size 6. They were too big as well.
Alterations: Besides the needle size, also used a figure-8 cast-on (only to discover that was what was intended by the designer). Otherwise: Followed pattern to the letter. Rare, I know.
Problems: On each sock I ended up with 2 extra stitches after the heel flap. I think it happened somewhere at the beginning of the heel flap and wasn't noticed until the end. As there is a "set-up row" before the ankle, I just fudged that until I had the right number of stitches. anyone else have this problem?
I love these socks! I love the lacy pattern and the color, but most of all I love how she skipped the usual side-gusset increase of stitches and instead increased right on top of the arch: A place I usually need room anyway! And such a gorgeous increase! Not just "M1 knit around" like a gusset, but a whole lace pattern! I am excited to get my hands on Cat Bordhi's new book (New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One), since I think she primarily explores alternative methods for the standard sock patterns.

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tapmouse said...

OMG! Kel-this is a 'new pathways' sock?! YAY! I love how it came out!

BTW, the Summer of Love socks are looking great and your pics of the new kit are awesome!