Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Knitting is teaching me patience. Or at least it is distracting me from irritation. They may be the same thing.
I finished the first Flow Motion sock while stuck in traffic. (This time, I wasn't driving!) I am prone to motion-sickness, and fare better when I am the one in control of the vehicle. This means I hardly ever knit while I'm a passenger (nor can I read. Car trips as a kid were hell.) This weekend I flew over to Oahu for my Uncle's birthday party. I knit waiting at the gate, I knit on the airplane, I knit as a passenger in my Aunt's car as we were stuck in traffic on the North Shore (surf was nice: Saturday, full of surfers and cars, big enough for a nice ride and small enough for beginners.) I knit while I waited for other people to pack, and then I finally finished sock #1 while in line for gas at Costco.

A note about that:
I saw this great Paul Taylor Ballet once where he had a line of people waiting for something that was happening offstage. Each person in line reacted differently: There was the impatient one who yelled and pushed, the cutter, the person squashed up to the guy in front of him (had him at the supermarket yesterday), and the dreamer who stared into space while the gap in front of her grew. Paul Taylor had no knitter in the ballet.
Our car at the Costco Gas line was much the same: Dad was impatient and bitching at all the slow people in front of him, and inching up their tailpipes. Mom was concerned that the gas tank was on the wrong side, and the other lines were moving faster than ours. Uncle got out of the car, ran around it to spot the gas tank, then stopped traffic and waved us into another line. I knit. At the pump, everyone is screaming and rushing and the card machine won't work and the attendant is called... I bound off the last stitch and held it up... My Uncle thought it was cute.

I cast on for the second sock and knit on the plane and 2 hours at the gate. I didn't even mind that I had to wait so long at the gate. At least the airport wasn't in motion! Two places I did not knit: The birthday party, and in the airport security lines. I figured that waving pointy sticks under the noses of TSA agents was just asking for confiscation.

Thanks to Nartian for letting me know that the pattern in Vogue is erred, and Cat Bordhi has some errata listed on her website. I had already decided that the provisional cast-on toe made no sense and gone with a figure-8 instead. The foot measurements I guessed from my ripped-out version, and they are working pretty well. But I still don't know why I ended up with an extra 2 stitches after the heel flap. Whatever I did, at least I am consistent: The second sock also had an extra 2 stitches.


Holly Jo said...

Knitters have got to be the only people out there who like long waits. Well, of course, as long as they have their knitting. :)

Mike Lum said...

The Economist says: Now, assuming Dad saved $0.20/gallon on a 10 gallon fill up, and could have gotten gas elsewhere, where there wasn't a line to wait in, was the time of 4 people in the car, plus the hassle and stress of waiting in line worth $2?

Obviously, the knitter says "Yes", 'cause her time was well spent... ;)

Kel said...

You are both so right! HAHA! Since I was enjoying my knitting (except when the car suddenly lurched forward and made me ill) I may have missed the important details. However, Mike: You are too conservative (and I don't mean politically): I think the difference in price was 7 cents (Costco 2.98 vs. nearer-to-airport Chevron at 3.05). The car was a rental that went HNL to North Shore and back once, with a bit of tooling about town, probably. It wasn't nearly a 10 gallon fill up. Assuming like a 5 gallon fill= .35. Thirty-five cents vs. hassle, stress, 20 minutes x 4 people (on their way to catch airplanes) and their HEALTH (Mom had a headache, I was carsick, Pairu and Dad probably both had elevated heartrates)... Well: You already know how far Dad will go to save 35 cents. At least $2 was a tad bit more understandable! (But without him neither of us would be as financially anal. er. saavy.)

Moon said...

O my god! Mee tooooo!
Total car sickness unless driving. My husband says I always want to drive because Im a control freak. I say no...its cuz I dont want to barf on you. lol...
The socks are looking fantabulous! xo moon