Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tilted Duster Armpit Repair (and Beverage)

This was how I left the Tilted duster when I gave it a time out months ago: Huge bat wings in the armpits! I thought about ripping out the back and making a smaller back, but it seemed that the extra fabric in the armpits was the only problem: The rest of the back fit fine.
So I ripped out the side seams, and un-seamed the sleeve caps. Then, using hair clips and cotton basting yarn, I clipped up all the extra armpit fabric. The square of the cotton basting thread is a double layer of extra armpit fabric. Next came basting of the new side-seam: Then sewing with the sewing machine: Then, finally: The scissors and the adult beverage: This steeking of the armpits created a smaller arm-hole, and the sleeves no longer fit. I ripped the sleeve cap out until I reached the point where I was still knitting in the round, and added another inch of length (to snug it up into the armpit). I then re-knit the sleeve cap at a more severe angle and seamed it back in. Now I am blocking the sweater, and will work the buttons soon. Maybe someday soon it will be done?

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Opal said...

Wow! What a daring and innovative repair!