Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Credit Card Injury

Yes, I live 65 minutes from the nearest Local Yarn Store. No, I actually get to Hilo only about once a year, and very often during hours that the LYS is closed. But guess where I was able to drop in on Saturday afternoon!
The Yarn Basket!
Big Island Bernina Sales & Service the Yarn Basket
50 East Puainako Street Suite 107 Hilo,HI
(808) 959-0034

I picked up some yarn needles, and some pink tofutsi's sock yarn (I hate to say it, but I actually probably have enough sock yarn. For now. Maybe.) But then I got enough yarn (hopefully) for three whole sweater projects!
DBF also bought yarn: He got some manly-colored cotton/spandex sock yarn and a bit of green wool for a hat and booties for the DBF's Grandbaby.
After YARN shopping, the rest of the errands seemed tame, but they did include Walmart and cocktails. Methinks shopping at Walmart should always be accompanied by cocktails. And a credit card sore from yarnage.

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