Thursday, September 06, 2007

Flubby Spinning Attempts

This photo shows my first attempts at spinning and 2-plying. The two multi-colored mini-skeins in the front were done in spinning classes at the Black Sheep Gathering: They are very huge and quite flubby. The little one at the bottom of the photo was plied from either end of a center-pull ball, while the middle one was plied from 2 bobbins. (If I recall correctly.)
Some beginner mistakes (er..."beginner tells" or...): They are uneven, large, and flubby. I thought they were over-spun, but when plied evenly (or as close as I could get to balanced) they ended up quite fluffy from the S-twist. Everyone was very gracious, telling me there are art-yarns out there that try to be flubby like this. Awww: You-So-Sweet!
The natural colored skein is the next attempt and the first from my new wheel. I got the singles to be skinnier, but also felt they were tight and overspun. But when plied (close as I could attempt to) balanced, they ended up fluffy as well. (Also plied from both ends of a center-pull cake). This skein is about 121 grams and more than 41 yards (I think. I will do some math later...)
This natural-colored fleece is Romney from my friend Jan's Hawaiian Homegrown Wool Company: Maluhia Farms!
Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Kim said...

Sorry, no advice! I don't spin (yet). But they are lovely - you could keep them to pet, or make a sock bag - I saw one somewhere where they knit their handspun in a tube for a while, and finished it with fabric.