Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finished Mamluke Socks

Finished the second Mamluke sock today. I love them. They are blocking right now, and it is pouring down rain here, so I suspect it will be awhile before I can wear them.
Some things I learned on this project:
No matter how good my idea to "fix" the pattern, don't just fix the second sock. Now I have an unmatching pair, and am considering ripping out the foot of sock #1.

Knitting in public is fun. Especially when the sock is complex, and people ask all kinds of questions about it.

My fair-isle tension is uneven: Sock #1 is much tighter than sock#2. Relax!

I swear less when knitting the name of God.

And something else I will remember about this pattern. I happened to do alot of knitting on these socks in Doctor's offices. We all know that knitting is calming and meditative, but the meaning of these socks made each stitch like a prayer. I think it will indeed feel different to wear these socks.
For the Fair-Isle knitters out there: This second photo is of the inside.

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Lynda said...

Wow - those are impressive! I'm still a little scared of Fair Isle!