Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Wendi sent me this photo of something that she has that I don't! I have stash issues: I would love to be one of those knitters that owned an impressive, memorable, luxurious stash of yarn. A stash hidden in too many places. A stash that I would have to make excuses for. I would love the luxury of feeling the texture of a new yarn, and before I could stop myself, handing over a credit card.
But no. Besides the wall of acrylic at Ace Hardware (ick. Don't wanna touch it! Don't wanna!) there is a yarn store about 75 minutes away from me (mostly has eyelash yarn for leis, but she has a little corner of wool.) All other yarn must be bought at wild sprees while on the mainland, or with the assistance of emailed photos. Yes, I get yarn porn through the email.

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Cristina said...

that picture is gorgeous! don't be too sad about your lack of access...this way...when your on the mainland buying yarn...you can do so w/o ANY guilt! when you have buckets and buckets of yarn...it's a little harder to justify the shopping sprees! hey...have you discovered knitpicks.com yet? that might be a good resource for you:)