Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Don't Have a Problem...

I can quit whenever I want! You have the problem! Seriously! I don't have a problem!
Well, it could be worse...
Really. My stash is really small. And the yarn store is over 75 minutes away. I have only been there once! (She had to turn the lights on in the back corner for me, so I could see all the neglected natural fibers.) I usually blow wads of cash at yarn stores while I am visiting the Mainland... but that isn't often...or sending my credit card to the Websters in Oregon and waiting for the mailman.
It really could be worse...
But today, I wondered:
1) I waited until after the closing date on my credit card to complete my Websters order. This way it won't show on my credit card statement until late June.
2) I deposited my US Tax return. It amounts to about 10% of my Websters bill.
3) In my first act of hiding the evidence, I just completed tidying up (hiding) the strewn balls of yarn from all over my floor before my BF comes over later.
4) Even though the Websters order is (presumably. Should I worry?) winging its way to me right now, I had to stop off at Ace Hardware on the way home for a little Merino to tide me over.
But it could be worse:
You know that baby Kimono? The one I am knitting out of 217 yards when the pattern calls for 244 yards? I have been worrying, measuring, weighing, asking advice, ripping out the swatch... last night I asked Jan her advice, thinking that, since it is white, maybe I could use another dye lot. Her reply? "Oh, No! White is the worst! I have had soooo many problems matching dye lots in white!" I had decided that I would stop at the Hardware store an look for the same dye lot, or find a new dye lot, then Kool-Aid dye the finished sweater. I imagined myself obsessive, caffeine-addled, crazy, sitting in the aisle at Ace, digging through the wool bin in a furious chase... and I admitted maybe I do have a problem.
But it could be worse:
My Ace Hardware, while close to my house, has a limited selection. Specifically, a wall of acrylic Red Heart yarn, a wall of eyelash yarn, and loads of fishing supply. The "bin" of wool at the hardware store is actually one milk crate. It held four skeins of the white. They were all the same dye lot as the yarn I bought a year ago. My only conclusion? I am the only person in my whole town who buys wool.
Not only do I have a problem, but I am all alone with my addiction.
But it could be worse...


Monika said...

That's a funny story! I had to smile foolishly while reading it. Good job on the Kimono. Can't wait to see your coming washrags or what ever you'll knit next.

Kel said...

I love that kimono! I sent it off and hope to receive cute photos of the baby in it. Washrags are next from Mason-Dixon, although I am seriously considering the handtowels!