Friday, May 19, 2006

Something New

The photo shows two new projects which represent new experiences for me in the following ways:
1) TWO projects on the needles at once! This attempt is to avoid that bereft feeling of loss I experience when finished with one project and yet to begin anew. Hopefully another project will overlap and bridge the gap, and I could continue this pattern indefinitely. I have even made a swatch for project#3, and have purchased and planned projects #4 and #5. I have always been a project monogamist, but must concede that perhaps this is not the wisest method for my emotional health.
2) Note one sock being knit on two circular needles, while one sock is knit on my usual bamboo double points. I figured that I couldn't jump into the circular vs. double-point debate without a bit of research. So far I don't think circulars are too much faster: It cuts out one bamboo needle change, but it takes me a little longer to slide and change over on the circulars anyway, so that speed difference is perhaps made up.
3) While we are in the midst of the above debate, note also evidence being gathered for the metal vs. wood needle debate. As seen below, most of my double points are bamboo, and all of my mothers needles are metal, so I have much opportunity to gather evidence for this debate. (Perhaps unseen in the photo are the plastic Denise circulars being used on the not-yet-felted striped Merino bag. But I already concede that plastic is not as sensually pleasurable as the other materials. But I love the flexibility of my Denise kit.)
4) Neither of these projects have a pattern. The bag I am just knitting out of curiosity, having never (intentionally) felted a knitted project before. I don't know how big to make it, I don't know how big to do a handle or a strap, and I don't much care. The socks are my second attempt at Toe-Up socks (see Mom Socks below) and I am using the notes from that project.
5) Knitting for my Boyfriend, hoping to avoid the "Curse" of knitting for the BF. He does want them, he has seen them, approved the colors, and had his toes fitted several times now. It isn't a huge sweater involving months of labor. He has also said that he would love to wear something I made and spent so much time on. So all bodes well, so far.

We shall see what comes of this very scientific series of new experiments!

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