Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ripping Out

Sock rip back #1: Put heel on. Sock fit me perfectly. Socks are not for me, but for SO with significantly larger foot. Ripped back to add on length.
Sock rip back #2: Realized that I had done gusset increases all wrong: Had increased at the end of each metal circular, making 4 stitches per round instead of 2. Like a toe increase instead of an instep increase. Ripped back to instep and did it right.
Sock rip back #3: Apparently I am consistent, no matter what needle material I use. Ripped back other sock down to instep as well.

I turned the heel on the first sock, and cornered SO to make him try it on. It is too big now. By like, a half inch. I don't really want to rip back again for a half inch. I keep thinking that it is wool, and maybe I can shrink it a little...But the label says "superwash". Maybe I can block it a little? But I don't want to make him do that every time he does his laundry. I am the one with the wool habit, and therefore I must face the laundry consequences of that, but he should just be able to wash n dry n go this gift. Maybe they will be okay...

Am I worrying too much over the first knitted object I create for the object of my affection? Is the "Curse" self-fulfilling?

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