Monday, May 08, 2006

The Obvious Answer.

Felt bereft and panicked after completion of last sock. Was completely obsessed with next project, and rushed through all other weekend activities in order to finally score some free time to cast-on. In the meantime, made a swatch, read knitting books, bought yarn online, checked out other knitting Blogs...
Finally, Sunday afternoon was able to cast-on the cute baby kimono from new Mason-Dixon Knitting book. While experiencing pattern questions, checked out their Blog, and then promptly joined the Knit-Along.
The discomfort of having nothing on the needles lasted less than 24 hours, yet it filled every minute of those hours. The obvious answer is this:
Have more than one project going at a time, dummy!
I feel it is in my nature to work on only one thing at a time, and fear that too many UFOs would make me not accomplish any of them. But maybe I need to start a sock, and have it lying around for just such Methodone-Moments. Something to carry me over in the hours while the completed project is blocking and the new project is still in hanks.

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Emma said...

I'm the same way. I like to work only on one thing at a time. Between projects can be kind of difficult though, I understand your restlessness.